Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yes, My Lady: Flaming Blazing Blue

Please use caution when with playing with fire. These are meant as helpful hints about using fire as a toy. Please use this advice at your own risk. If you are inexperienced, please ask a professional before trying this yourself.


How better than spend Queer & Leather Pride this summer by flaming. Us perverts are known for our flamboyant flaming ability, especially when we set fire to each other in SM play. Fire is hot; it's the embodiment of passion and power with a life of its own. Fire is one of human being's most significant discoveries and is adapted for use in SM play. It must be treated with absolute respect.

SM fireplay creates a sense of danger and excitement. The bottom feels empowered by enduring the danger or pain, and the Top feels empowered by controlling the flames. Fire sexual games include the use of chemicals, 'frying' genitals in hot oil, hot wax, okyu, peau flambé, fire dancing, fire walking, cigarette burns, throwing matches onto pubic hair, and flagellation (tapping) with torches. Although I could cover this whole array of fireplay, I choose to honor the blazing-blue for this column because it's one of the most aesthetically beautiful forms of SM play.

Blazing-blue or peau flambé is practiced in several ways. One method is putting flammable liquid on skin, lighting it, and allowing it to burn-bright, blue, and briefly. All you need are some household items, common sense, and the following suggestions. As with any other intense activity, I recommend trying this on yourself before sharing your burning desire. Also, please read the instructions several times before starting, and practice on skinless chicken breasts before trying the real thing. You are playing with fire here!

Assemble Your Ingredients. You'll need a fairly large bowl of water, isopropyl alcohol, squirt bottles for alcohol and water (I prefer to use a squirt bottle for applying alcohol to cotton balls; you can also loosen the lid a little, using the bottle as a dispenser), cotton balls, and an incendiary device that can be used with one hand [Note: matches and candles should be avoided because they take two hands. Also, avoid refillable lighters of all types. They use naphtha or butane-both extremely flammable-and make for potential mini-bombs in the presence of open flame. Bic-type lighters work well; the trigger-handled ones are easier to control. They also keep the flamer's hand (which might just have some residual alcohol on it) away from the source of ignition]. You'll also need clean towels and cloths, both wet and dry, and a fire extinguisher (this isn't necessary, but you might as well).

Prepare Your Tender Tinder. Burning hair smells... interesting. If you savor that scent, don't shave the bottom. Razor burn doesn't count as fireplay; but it does count as open skin. Open skin means bodily fluids are present, which mandates protection. Besides, have you ever put alcohol in an open wound (on yourself and on purpose, anyway?) If the bottom is prone to shaving reactions, use a depilatory cream to get her fur-free. Make certain to remove all of the cream with soap and water. A nice warm shower or bath makes for thorough cleanliness and a soothing, intimate transition from denuding your darling to getting down to business. While she's naked and wet, check for any open skin, cuts, scratches, abrasions, or bruises; those areas shouldn't be burned.

Prepare Fire Protection. Use rolled wet towels as firewalls, protecting hands, feet, face, and any other nonsmoking area. Cunts and ass cheeks are fun to play with because they're so sensitive, but take extra care to extinguish quickly, especially where there are folds of skin. As long as you avoid open skin, it's okay to flame over tattoos. Avoid piercings; the metal may heat up and cause invisible but serious burns. Bellies, breasts, and backs? Sublime.

Think Fast. Get ready to act swiftly; alcohol evaporates fast. You have to follow all the steps below: apply the alcohol, wipe any excess off of your hand, grab a lighter, torch your pyrophile, and extinguish her flaming flesh-all within a matter of seconds. Practice makes perfect; as mentioned above, hone your technique on some skinless chicken breasts. Put alcohol on a cotton ball. It should be saturated, not dripping. Use it to draw a line on the bottoms body. Start small and work up. The more intricate the design, the harder to control the flame. You'll know when there's enough on her; it should look shiny-wet, not dripping. Use a damp cloth to erase any alcohol that went outside the lines and wipe your own hand quickly with a clean rag to remove any residual fuel. Light from the bottom of the design, and watch the flame run, or light it towards center and watch her come alight. Either way, the flame should only be allowed to burn for an instant. To cease the sizzle, follow the flame with your hand or damp cloth, putting the fire out well before it can do damage. Eliminate fire hazards by immediately putting all waste in a can with some water in it.

Cool Down. Ice cubes on freshly flame-kissed skin produce a delectably intense sensation. So will a mist of cool water, to a lesser degree. Try putting on some more alcohol, but don't light it. Anything that has an effect on skin-minty stuff, warming lotions, astringents-will produce fascinating results. These should not be ignited! Wrap her in something warm and cozy. Despite recent flames, she may have a chill from the evaporated alcohol and/or endorphin crash. Keep her warm, and give her water.

Safety Tips. Never use cigarettes, aerosol propellants, oils, or booze; they burn too hot and are hard to control. Repeated burns in the same area can result in serious injury, from blisters to third-degree burns. Aloe Vera gel is good for minor burns. For anything more serious, such as redness or inflammation that doesn't fade or gets worse within 24 hours, blisters, or skin that oozes fluid of any type, see a physician. Severe burns require immediate medical attention. If you're wondering if you need medical attention, you probably do.

So, there you have it folks! Flame away, be proud, and Happy Pride.

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