Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yes, My Lady: Fantasies for the Holidays!

My inspiration for this article did not come to Me in a flash. Instead, the idea of discussing the most popular kinky fantasies slowly dawned on Me as I was searching through piles of readers' and clients' correspondence. Sifting through the discreet letters, I began noticing similarities in the SM, bondage & discipline, fetishist, and role-play activities that were being described to Me. Furthermore, an overwhelming amount of readers requested ideas for scenes that they could spring on their lovers during the holidays. What better insight than describe the most popular fantasies that I have come to know through My correspondence and career as a Professional Dominant.

The Pain Game

This popular kink is as much a test of one's masochistic endurance as it is a proper fantasy. It involves pure, unadulterated SM. Basically, the masochist is challenging him/herself and his/her Mistress to a contest of wills. How much can the bottom take? Moreover, will the Top get tired before the bottom is beaten to death?! This blatantly physical, yet psychological trial tests thresholds. Can the bottom top his/her own pain in a mind-over-matter battle in order to endure what the Mistress dispenses? Moreover, will the Sadist make Her slave reach his/her safeword before She is threw? This type of scene can take both Top and bottom to lofty heights. It is an intriguing and sexually exciting tableau where the most important ingredient remains the SM balance between Mistress and slave. A cruel Sadist must be matched with a heavy masochist...or there will not be any game at all.

Forced Feminization

This scene works well with submissive men and butch women. The stripped bottom is ordered to dress in panties, garter belt, stockings, corset, and high heels. The bottom is humiliated, but excited at the same time. If the bottom-turned-sissy slut argues or resists, s/he will be disciplined; or worse, the Mistress will threaten to reveal the slut's sissy secret to other people! The bottom is literally "forced" to prance around the Top's playroom. This is the classic scenario known as forced feminization. This fantasy is as much about cross-dressing as it is about compliance and embarrassment. It is as much about wearing frilly panties and it is about being ordered to wear frilly panties. Remember to take pictures this holiday season. They make for great blackmail!


Total enclosure. This elaborate restriction fantasy involves expensive, complex paraphernalia such as strapped body bags and isolation hoods, most commonly made of latex or leather. It is primarily about three things: immobilizing bondage, sensory deprivation, and an euphoric sense of meditation. The bottom is completely out of control. Trust is a necessity. The bottom cannot move. The bottom cannot feel anything except the restrictive material that encircles her/him. The bottom cannot see, may not be able to hear or breathe freely. The Top is in total control. Only the womb offers such a similar state.

Public Humiliation

Imagine being verbally berated and slapped across the face by an aggressive, high-heeled bitch, while strangers watch and whisper. If the suggestion of this scenario makes your pulse quicken and the flush of embarrassment turns you on, then you are most likely one of the many submissives who enjoys public humiliation. Just remember not to get arrested for indecent exposure or causing a public nuisance! Moreover, make sure to get the consent of all parties involved, as non-consensual bystanders do not make for popular, safe, sane scenes.

The Personal Slave

The personal service fantasy usually involves domestic duties, running errands, making equipment, and hopefully, caring for the Mistress and Her personal items. Of course, most bottoms do not hope that "all work and no play" is not part of the equation. If your bottom desires to be your personal slave, go ahead and try it by establishing a short-term contract. Win or lose, at least you will not have to cook the holiday meal or clean the dishes!

Tease & Denial

This is the most popular fantasy among those who are apprehensive about SM: "Yes, please, tie me up and tease me mercilessly. But, just don't hurt me!" A little rope restraint, one or two tepid smacks on the fanny, and a stern talking-to will work for any holiday fantasy.

Golden Showers

Nothing can be more rewarding or degrading (depending on how you look at it) than ingesting your Top's piss as a holiday present. You will have to determine what your emotional, visceral response is to this type of play. I know that My bottom will be drinking urine rather than eggnog this holiday season!

Foot Worship

Some have a fetishistic need for sexual intimacy with a Mistress's feet or footwear. The look, the smell, the feel, and the taste all combine to overwhelm the admirer. Witness the worship of your feet: I guarantee a holiday scene sure to please.

Domestic Discipline

Your bottom has been very naughty. The infraction can be almost anything. S/he knows that if you discover her/his indiscretion, s/he will be punished; so, of course, it is essential that you catch her/him! The resulting discipline makes for one of the purest, most popular SM holiday play. The "rewards" for being bad are exactly what Santa and submissive want!

Dildo Training

It's quite simple. You, the Top, strap a menacing black silicon "cock" to your pelvis and swagger about the house teasing your bottom with it. Make sure to wear a Santa-hat while you are at it! Many bottoms enjoy being taken. Most Tops enjoy taking. This holiday, find out if Santa baby is a squealing little ass-slut!

Now, don't be alarmed if your favorite fantasy is not discussed here. No one sexual inspiration is better or worse than any other is. In addition, keep in mind that what preceded itemizes general categories of kink rather than specific fantasies. There are hundreds of unique twists to each topic, making for more delightful holiday deviance! Just keep in mind that safety, sanity, and consensuality are important ingredients to healthy, rewarding fantasy...and happy holidays!

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