Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yes, My Lady: The De-Communization of Leather

When I was seven years old, My brother and I were wrestling at the top of the stairs in our house. In a cheap move to win the match, he pushed me down the stairs! I was in so much pain from the tumble that I couldn't move...and I began laughing hysterically. The laughter eventually led to Me losing bladder control and I let loose all over the carpeted stairs. The warm stream flowed down My crotch, up My back to the nape of My neck. I never felt so alive, manic, and elated in My life. To this day, I still revel in the memory of My mother screaming at Me to stop peeing and to get up while I just lay there peeing and laughing. However, it wasn't until twelve years later when someone poured My urine onto My torso that I realized My love for Golden showers, one type of Watersport, started on that very day at the bottom of the stairs.

Golden showers is a slang term for the practice of passing bladder fluid in order to enhance intimacy, to punish, to reward, or to humiliate in a DS scene. Watersports is a term used in SM to describe the passing and drinking of body fluids such as blood (menstruation and bodily), perspiration, semen, vomit, milk (lactation), urine, pussy-juice/ejaculation, spit, and enema contents. Many of the activities described later involve, in the parlance of health officials, "exchange of bodily fluids." If one of the partners is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, then the other is at risk for infection consequently.

Semen showers are the most common and certainly the most accepted. These are done between the breasts/chest, abdomen, buttocks, or on the face. Some are 'forced' to ejaculate on their own face as a form of humiliation in a SM scene. Milk showers consist of a lactating woman squeezing her milk onto a partner, a non-lactating partner using commercial milk to run over their own breasts, or someone pouring it onto the partner. Spitting is done in SM scenes involving degradation, punishment, or reward. Golden showers are sprayed on the face, body, genitals, or mouth of a partner. Some consider this a form of humiliation but others love the warm sensation, closeness, and trust it provides. Brown showers refer to partners who defecate on one another. This may also be done using enemas, some of which may consist of diluted wine. The Roman shower is of vomit and is considered the rarest form of Watersport. In such cases people typically drink wine or urine and then vomit these contents onto a partner.

Toilet training is the term used for submissives learning the art of Brown and Golden showers. The toilet slave may be made to lick a toilet clean, lie on her/his back as the Top squats above her/his face, or to lick clean the genitals of the Top after S/He relieves Her/Himself. A bottom who has a strong desire to be a toilet slave, but who's not yet accustomed to consuming human wastes, is often started with a substitute such as warm beer. These are inserted into the vagina or anus of the Top and the bottom learns to consume these substitutes before graduating to real secretions.

Have you never imagined what it would be like to feel your partner's urine, spit, blood, or vomit splashing against your skin? Next time you're alone in the shower, go ahead and pee, but hold your hand in the stream. Revel in how warm and touchable it really is. Feel the gentle insistence of the stream splashing against your skin. And remember, everything in urine is water-soluble and washes completely away as soon as the shower water flows over it. If the smell bothers you, try having a big drink about an hour before you shower. Also, while you are in the shower, try spitting on yourself, or perhaps rubbing your menses on your body. Try to experience just the sensation without judging it. Next, accept what emotions come up when performing these Watersports.

Now, ask your lover to pee on you in the shower. Ask to hold your hand in your lover's stream. When you are comfortable doing this, try the same exercises but with the shower turned off. As soon as you're done, turn the water on and wash off. When you are comfortable accepting your lover's stream, try lying in the shower or bath between your lover's legs and let her/him pee on your tummy or genitals. Some folks experience a nearly instantaneous orgasm the first time they feel their lover's stream on their genitals.

At this point, you may think you could be completely uninhibited with the thought of peeing with lover, but you don't think you could ever persuade your lover to participate in the D&S of Watersports. How do you broach the topic?

I can only tell you what worked for My bottom. Pick an intimate but relaxed moment. Encourage talk about fantasies and taboo desires. Try to get your lover to reveal one of his/her own secret fantasies. Share your desire to accept the fluids of your lover. Explain how and why it excites or humiliates you...and your desire to serve her/him. If you are a Top who wishes to pee, spit, vomit, or defecate on your lover, do admit the power you gain from this power exchange. Most importantly, embrace your spirit to explore sexually. You're only on this earth once...let it flow.

Finally, there must be an intangible "X" factor present between the people playing Watersports which enables the bottom to not only worship, love, and adore her/his Top, but to worship, love, and adore the Top's bodily fluids. The bottom must glory in, and make love to, the secretions of the Top. The bottom must desire the fluids of the Top above all else, knowing that because in a very real sense ingesting or accepting the passing of the Top's fluids is the ultimate act of degradation, it therefore becomes the ultimate act of love, giving the Top ultimate feelings of pleasure and power.

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