Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yes, My Lady: La Dama Domina: an Introduction

Welcome to My column and the newest addition to the website. I am Domina Lady, a well known and respected Lifestyle and Professional Dominant, residing in San Francisco, California, USA. I am a skilled SM artist and sexually dominant woman who is plainly passionate about BDSM and fetish. I will be visiting with you, the community, on a biweekly basis to share My private life and experiences as a Professional Domina and to discuss BDSM from a Professional Domina's perspective.

What makes this column unique from the other columns at Pace provides the updates and on-goings at Aiken, the world affairs from a BDSM perspective - and silkenluv, she offers information on BDSM from her own unique perspective as a submissive. I bestow the inner workings of Professional Dominance and the private life of a real Domina. There is a voyeuristic fascination with what lies behind the leather curtain - the private life of the Dominatrix. We seem to be an outlandish, taboo, reserved bunch. I am one in a shadow industry, only mentioned in fiction, the media, and whispers. Yet, through My craft I contribute toward changing lives by facilitating deeper self-understanding. How does tying people up and beating on them produce this, you ask? By providing a space of freedom where clients are free to be the person that society shames them for being. SM and the Professional Domina can provide an often-profound experience. Many clients share with Me their closely held secrets and passions. It also takes courage, trust, and vulnerability to come and submit to Me. These are all traits that I hope to inspire in people. It is through relating with Me and submitting to Me that clients are able to discuss their desires, fantasies, and fears in a compassionate space, which only leads to self-examination and personal growth.

In this column, I will cover a gambit of content that I believe will hearten self-examination, education, and joy: from actual accounts of My professional sessions that cover what type of behavior I and other real Dominants reward to exclusive interviews with other Professional Dominants, Switches, submissives...and even clients. You can look forward to reviews and accounts of BDSM classes, fetish events, and play parties. I will also provide instructions on "How-to" engage in certain BDSM acts from a Professional Dominant's perspective, how to use certain types of equipment, and how to find a professional Dominant that is right for you.

Occasionally, I will elicit questions from you to which I will answer in My column. What kind of questions do I wish to receive via e-mail from you? Questions about Me, Professional Dominance, BDSM, a particular type of play, toy, equipment, and/or ideology. I also desire that you interact with Me and make suggestions on content. What do you desire to learn from and read about a Professional Domina? I will appreciate messages that offer suggestions that are related to Me, Professional Dominance, and/or BDSM from a professional perspective. I have already chatted with some of you in the community, in the BDSM-net hosted by in conjunction with, and many of you have kindly asked for me to cover a variety of BDSM issues, such as safety, toy use, real life experiences, legalities, the lifestyle, and the non-obvious sides to BDSM. I thank you for this input, as this column is much like a SM scene: it takes both parties to make it work. Your contribution as one who provides suggestions on content is imperative...Domina Lady says so! Thus, this column will only be as interesting and informative as we both make it.

Overall, the life force behind My column is, indeed, Me...about Me. My profession has placed Me in the role of being an emotional and sexual trail guide. I am a very unique, special Domina and member of the SM community. I hold a graduate degree from a New England university and have traveled worldwide for pleasure and erudition. I have even been caught by a crewmember in the middle of a scene when on a twenty-one hour flight to Beijing, China. More to come on that later! How did I become a Professional Dominant, you ask? After playing both privately and publicly for several years, I began to ponder Professional Dominance because so many of the women whom I respect in the SM community are Professional Dominas. While I sat on the board as the Archivist of the oldest and largest BDSM women's organization, the membership was notoriously professional. I have spent much love and labor theorizing and writing about sexuality, BDSM, power, sexual minorities, and the sex industry as an academic scholar. I had even worked as a Labor Organizer, organizing the only sex workers' union in the country. Thus, My passion for scholarship and organizing has always gravitated toward sex work, sex workers, and sexual "deviants." Professional Dominance seemed to be one of My many callings.

While coming to Professional Dominance was highly a brain activity, I would be lying if I denied the physical attraction to My profession. I am a highly predatory Top who has always desired to learn anything and everything that I can about BDSM. Professional Dominance has allowed Me to learn more about BDSM than all My years as a Lifestyle player. Lastly, Professional Dominance is a highly physical activity for Me: I need the sweat, the organization, to employ My skills, and the journey to that edge we call BDSM.

Welcome to Yes, My Lady, I look forward to interacting with you on a biweekly basis. Best to you and great pain.

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