Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, My Lady: Depriving Senses

This holiday season, I was so busy that all I wished for was a quiet moment when things could calm down. On the 20th of December, I traveled to New York City to visit friends, some of my leather family, and some extended family. I also traveled to New York to serve as Visiting Mistress at L'oeil Cache, Manhattan's premiere dungeon and playspace, holding five fully-equipped, beautifully designed, different rooms. I managed to catch a terrible cold in the midst of the freezing temperatures. However, the cold could not stop Me, as I managed to shop, eat, visit Rockefeller Center, play, see a production, and still have time for My clients! On December 28th, I returned to San Francisco only to find boxes of gifts waiting at the post office, UPS, and Federal Express. Furthermore, My San Francisco clients just could not wait for the holidays to be over, as My phone has been ringing non-stop. Take Me away! When I had a moment to rest, what I realized I needed was a scene to take My senses away. I wanted Sensory Deprivation.

Sensory deprivation can be used to achieve different effects -- it can induce a quiet, meditative state, like being in a flotation tank, or it can make people feel frightened and lonely, like being in a punishment cell in prison. It can be refreshing and pleasant for a short time. However, after several hours, it can have strong effects.

When the mind is deprived of input, it begins to invent tasks to work on. I was in sensory deprivation for about 10 hours, and I went through the entire Elton John Greatest Hits Album. If it goes on too long, a person can begin hallucinating. However, this is exactly the effect I wanted. I trusted My dear slave to place Me in our body bag, wrapped in tight rope bondage. We placed ear plugs in My ears, a breathing gag in My mouth, eye-shades over My eyes, and a nose-plug over My nose. I needed the world to go away...to be deprived of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight.

The deprivation of touch

Leather mitts are often used to limit the sense of touch, but here's how to do it on the cheap. Everybody has pantyhose -- whoops, I should say, everybody either has pantyhose or has some sissy slut with pantyhose.

I suggest you pull out a pair of black pantyhose and cut off the legs and feet. Give your slave one of the pieces to hold in her/his hand, and then put one of the cut-off feet over the same hand, using duct tape to fasten it in place. Use lots of duct tape and cover the entire hand and wrist. The piece that your slave is holding in her/his hand will keep her/his hand more comfortable. A really savvy bottom will use her/his teeth to get the tape off, so you may need to gag her/him or fasten her/his hand where s/he can't reach them!

The deprivation of taste

You can deprive someone of the ability to taste for a short time by giving her/him something really hot to eat. Otherwise, it's quite delicious to deprive your victim of things that taste good -- for instance, you can feed somebody bland food for a week. Alternatively, you could eat a really nice meal and throw your bottom's entire portion into a blender -- so s/he is eating the same thing you are, but it comes out all brown and disgusting!

The deprivation of hearing

You can mask someone's sense of hearing in a few different ways. You can put a Walkman on your bottom, and put it between stations so that s/he is just hearing white noise. I like to use earplugs -- I like the ones that come in a little carrying case because then I can give them to the bottom as a present. Or, you can make your bottom listen to things she finds unpleasant, like the Barney song. I like Rage Against the Machine: I play with people that don't.

The deprivation of smell

It is difficult to deprive somebody of smell, but you can put Vicks VapoRub on your bottom and s/he will not know what is coming next. If you want to be a nice Top, you can give your bottom something pleasant to smell: an orange or an orange with cloves. Smell triggers many memories for people.

The deprivation of sight

A blindfold is one of the first toys people play with -- blindfolds are a novice Top's best friend. The Top may be fumbling with the equipment, unable to get the knots right, convinced She is ruining the scene. At the same time, the blindfold bottom may be thinking, "Oh, this timing is so great."

Blindfolding someone can also be a punishment. The bottom misses the reassurance of eye contact, and does not know what is going on around her/him. On the other hand, it may be a reward because it reduces distraction. It certainly increases a sense of vulnerability in the bottom.

I recommend that bottoms get their own blindfolds -- you may cry in them, and it is nicer to know that you are only rubbing against your own old tears.

As I came out of hibernation...out of My body bag, My womb, My dear slave stepped forward to try on her latex hood with laces in the back. The front has two layers: the inside is a mask, with cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth, and the outer layer can be zipped closed to cover her face tightly. I stroked the outside of My slave's head, and then zipped the front closed. Could My slave breathe? Yes, she could breathe through the zipper. I kept My hand on her shoulder and said, "I am staying close because you could get disoriented. I will not leave it on too long, either, because it's hot in here."

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