Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yes, My Lady: Mission Mistress Takes on a Pro-Sub

Just when I had thought that I had given the ladies what they wanted (see last column), this group of 'fearful' novices cooks up an adventure that not even I can resist. Having a session with another Professional Domme intrigued Me, but setting out to hire a professional submissive takes the cake. In case you missed the previous column, as Mission Mistress, I set off for SM-capades and then report how My adventures go. In this column, I set out to schedule a private session with a professional submissive.

Why hire a professional submissive? Hardly any SM literature covers this topic, although much exists on Professional Dominance. Very little advertising in urban smut publications, such as in The Spectator of San Francisco (www.spectator.net), displays the services of professional submissives. Once in a while, you'll come across a Professional Switch advertising Her/His services; however, the 'dominant' part of the services rendered still remains evident as in the title 'switch'.

Of the group of novices with which I share ideas, only one woman knew that such a thing like professional submission exists. Many people can imagine or have seen images of a woman dominating a man under the premise that he has hired Her. However, very few of us have imagined the other way around: a male stranger hiring a female sex worker to beat and dominate her. The image causes many emotions, erotic pleasure probably not one of them.

Why is it tantalizing to imagine a woman beating a man, yet disturbing to imagine a woman offering her submission as a service? Perhaps it is in that we do not see her as in a position of power. Yet in either proposition, the male client still hires the sex worker. In attempt to demystify whatever idea we may have of professional submission, I decide to hire pro-sub so we can see that professional submission, like any other sex work, is still work.

I skim through the local sex drag and find not one pro-sub. Traveling through the Internet, I do come across some professional switches. However, after telephoning four of them, I decide I want to try My luck with a submissive, not a switch. Nothing against professional switches, but I found that these women preferred to dominate and submitted more for the money. The market bears much more money for professional submission than Professional Domination.

I finally gain access to two pro-subs, only through word-of-mouth from a fellow Pro-Domme. I call each worker and interview with them just as I would with My clients. However, I find that the interview is more rigorous. Pro-subs have to screen more diligently because of the safety issues involved in submission. Afterall, she's offering her body over to a stranger.

"Hi, I'm calling about your submission services," I say as if I'm walking on eggshells. I don't know why I'm so nervous.

She inquires, "What are you looking for?"

"I'm a Sadist, and a Dominant, and would like to negotiate a scene with you if you enjoy pain. I'm a very experienced lifestyle player, and unfortunately, I'm finding that I cannot go as far as I desire with My current play partners," I explain. (A good reason to hire a pro-sub.)

"Ah-huh. Very well. I'm a masochist, however, what sort of pain do you like to deliver?" She asks intelligently.

"Well, I enjoy very restrictive bondage in humiliating positions, OTK spanking, paddles, canes, flogging, cat...I enjoy beating butts! I also love clamps and clips of all sorts, placed all over the body. I would need permission to mark and hurt you. Truth be told, since this is probably that only time that I will hire a pro-sub, I want to be able to achieve what I haven't been able to in My private play...which is that I want to beat you down," My story enfolds.

"What are your limits as a Top?" She demands.

"I don't desire to do something that's nonconsensual. I also won't engage in play that's harmful...hurtful, yes, but harmful, no. I won't engage in the exchange of bodily fluids. I also require that we play with safewords and respect your limits. I desire respect and trust. Finally, I don't want you to swear at Me...you can swear, but don't call Me names." (Go gently Mistress...I mean, My slave.)

Our conversation continues for about another fifteen minutes. We cover the basics, like health concerns, limits, desires, fantasies, and then, she finally accepts Me as a client. Whew! What a process.

I am told to go this popular corner in the city and telephone her from a public payphone. I do and she guides Me over to her play space. It is a clean, small apartment lightly glowing with candles. To My delight, she greets Me at the door on her knees, already collared. She is ready. But, am I?

I fumble, and frankly, panic. I suddenly feel like I don't know what to do. I have been Topping for over ten years and now with a bottom on her knees before Me, I can do nothing more than hesitate!

She remarks, "Are you okay, Ma'am?"

"Well, yes, but can we talk?" I plead.

She stands and guides Me to the playroom while holding My hand. (How sweet.) Nevertheless, I can't help but notice her plump, voluptuous, sweet, nude bottom as I follow behind her. Suddenly, there's nothing wrong or fearful anymore.

I jerk her body back toward Me and throw her against the wall. Her head bobs forward slightly, her eyes lowered in submission, and with her lovely pearly whites, she signifies that she knows our scene has begun.

We hardly talked the whole two hours. Yes, I hired her for two hours not knowing how the scene would go. The scene was amazing. She honored Me with her submission and access to her body, spirit, and energy. I honored her with $600 plus tip, My passion, and My loyalty. I guess this won't be My only time hiring a pro-sub.

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